Friday, December 20, 2013

shabby chic door sign for fothelo door sign challenge

hi, ladies ^^

now i want to share my door sign creations.
i made this for following a challenge about door sign. 
and thanks God that the owner choosing this creation as a suprise winner ^^
felling so excited.

so this is my door sign

at the top part i only decorate in one side..
i've plan to put the store name on it?
but i still need extra time to think what should i do..
for now, i think i'll just show you just like that... ^^
and at the bottom part, i've decorated it in both sides
you can twist the bottom part to change which part you want to use.. 
is it the open part or the closed part???
as you can see, at the open part the window also open..
and at the closed part the window becoming closed...
my daughter always smile when see play to twist the open and closed part..

thanks for stop and visiting my blog
i still need to learn how to use and decorate my blog..
wkwkwkwkwk =D

warm hugs,
kiki foe


  1. Hi, I like your idea of the door sign, very pretty and very shabby.
    If you like shabby chic plugs to hung on a wall we are doing a giveaway very soon, please take part if you like to....
    Have a Lovely Very Merry Christmas.

    1. thank you Kat ^^
      hopely i cant take part the giveaway..
      cant wait

      hugs, kiki foe


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